Luxury Pieces Inspired By Modern Architecture, Symmetry, Clean Lines, & Shapes. Minimalism & Sustainability. All of ERVINE Products Are Proudly Vegan And Sweatshop Free.

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“Our main aesthetic has always been a mixture of sporty/comfy streetwear, while still appreciating the effortlessness of minimalistic design.”

We focus on the production and design of seasonal collection items (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter). Every seasonal collection is based on a particular theme with similar color schemes, fabric patterns, and overall design. Items that have been discontinued may be brought back depending on customers’ demand for the products.



The Earth’s natural environment is of extreme importance to us; which is why we include renewable resources in the production process as much as possible. Our current renewable resource usage includes harvesting rain water and utilization of daylight. Our manufacturing process aims to reduce carbon emissions. This is done with use of energy efficient and noise-free machinery, equipment, and tools. We are aware of the detrimental effects caused by improper elimination of waste from manufacturing grounds around the world. In order to help combat this and give back to our environment, our manufacturing facility uses an eco-friendly water treatment plant. The treatment plant cleanses waste using a combination of chemical and biological methods. Upon completion of waste treatment, the water that is left over is dispensed back into nature, as it is perfectly safe for the environment. The factory associated with producing our garments is Gold Certified by the USGBC, which means that the facility has passed all of the ‘green building’ requirements of the USGBC organization and has a verified green business certification.


Every garment from ERVINE is made ethically. All workers are paid fair wages according to the labor laws of the facility’s region. In addition, we would like to affirm that the facility in which our pieces are produced is clean, safe, modern, and secure. Each floor of the factory contains the following hazard-fighting equipment: CC cameras, BBT electrical wiring, emergency lamps, PA system, fire alarm sirens, fire exists, emergency fire pump for fire fighting, water hose, and auto sprinklers. Every worker receives free healthcare/any necessary medication, childcare services, pure drinking water, proper industrial ventilation for a healthy atmosphere, and regular hazard training in case of emergencies.