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Womenswear - Maximalism in Minimalism

Whether for elegance, comfort, or both, our selection of black attires will you turn into the most powerful and confident woman in the room. Explore our harmonious mixture of different textures, patterns, and silhouettes.

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Menswear - Provocations Against Conservatism

Our selection does not just include essential pieces. Who do you want to be today? From a variety of styles, be creative and wear an outfit that resonates with your self-concept.

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  • Mable

    UP TO 70% OFF!

    Glamorous night-out collection to elevate your style for special occasions.

  • Wmwatchme

    20% OFF!

    Jewelry collection from a Canadian designer that distills complexity into a wearable statement.

  • Meche The Label

    40% OFF!

    Curation of avant-garde pieces by a Montreal designer. Now available exclusively at 8LACK.

  • Mimosa

    50% OFF!

    The ultimate quiet luxury that makes your everyday special while offering comfort and elegance.

  • Xian

    30% OFF!

    As seen on Toronto Fashion Week, this menswear designer label features street style with urban aesthetic.

  • XES

    20% OFF!

    Newly established brand from Montreal. Exclusive collection available at 8LACK.

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