We started our journey in March 2017 with a core mission to liberate everyone from limitations and to enhance their confidence and creative self-concept regardless of their gender, ethnicities, races, cultural background, and however they identify themselves. We believe that Black is the only color that can let our true self shine.

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Not Just A Style, but Philosophy:

Black is a fundamental color which can often be considered as one of the safest colors to wear, but we are not just curating essentials. Be playful and explore avant-garde silhouettes, unique graphics, and eccentric details.

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Outfits for All Occasions:

We have a wide selection of outfits you can use for all occasions. Whether you are looking for custom dresses, tailored suits, trendy streetwear, black formal dresses, or are interested in casualwear for lounging that is purely in black, we've got you covered for your needs. We are very thorough when it comes to quality. We work with top brands and manufacturers to ensure that you get nothing but the very best from us. As one of the leading online vendors in Canada for fashion, we aim to make you proud by offering top quality products. 

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Sharing Our Charity:

8LACK is not just a fashion brand, but also is an organization that cares about social issues and we always take action about them. 2% of the revenue on each item goes to charity organizations and we host fundraising events annually to donate all profits of the event to charity organizations such is Girls’ Action and other communities that support those who desperately need help. 

New Way of Shopping:

Are you looking for something original? Something made for you to express yourself? We work closely with many Montreal local designers who can handcraft your dream pieces. We work with excellent designers who are trusted for their creativity and the level of craftsmanship. Book a consultation with us and our designing partners to experience a new way of shopping.

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