How to avoid "MISTAKES" when creating all-black outfits

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Black is the most versatile color, but be careful.

It is true that black is the most versatile color, but you could do it wrong if you don't know how. Needless to say, as 8LACK is an expert in terms of suggesting all-black styles, we would like to give you some tips to create a super stylish all-black outfit of the day. 

Common Mistake: Adding too many textures

Some might think that as long as the colors match, they can create a beautiful and cohesive outfit but it is not always true. In fact, adding too many textures is the biggest common mistake. See the image below. You are trying to create an outfit using these 4 pieces all in black. Here you see a flannel cotton shirt, a bodysuit with a lustrous velvet fabric and glitter details, mesh leggings and a pair of suede boots. Adding too many different textures in the same outfit will result in visual inconsistency, which looks very....messy and all over the place.

How to avoid mistakes in your outfits



Solution: Focus on the piece you want to feature. Play with similar textures and add a few distinctive textures as an accent

    Creating a whole outfit with the same materials and prints can be boring and it's always fun to play with different textures to create an outfit. As mentioned above, it might be very messy if you try to add too many textures in one outfit. However, you can totally be creative by adding one distinctive texture to your outfit as an accent or adding 2 different main textures to keep the coherency.


    Here is an example of a cohesive outfit with 2 different key textures. First, you have to make sure to decide what piece in your outfit you want to feature the most. Let's say you want to focus on the leather biker jacket and you want to create an outfit around it. See the image below. Here is an ideal example and you can find 2 main textures: 1. Lustrous leather texture in the jacket and sneakers and 2. Dull textures of knitted cotton materials. The author picked these 4 pieces: leather biker jacket, cotton knit hoodie and joggers with matching color and material, and to complement the leather jacket subtly, a pair of a sneakers with leather texture was selected to create this outfit. 

    How to avoid mistakes in your outfit


    Summary for success

    • Think about what piece you want to focus on in your outfit
    • Pick one distinctive accent texture or find two elements that best compliment each other in your outfit

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