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In fashion, transparency, ethics, aesthetics, and product quality are often the most discussed topics. Today in this article, we feature Kollar Clothing and we will dig into the reasons why Kollar is one of the most successful brands that are seen on major fashion shows like New York Fashion Week and Toronto Fashion Week, magazines like GQ, and Complex Magazine, and many celebrities that are known worldwide, such as Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grande, and many more.

The brand was established in 2014. A result of refusing to conform, Kollar Clothing takes that ideology into how they produce and offer their pieces. They specialize in ready-to-wear, highly wearable denim and essentials that combine traditional street wears sensibilities with premium execution. Choosing to stray away from the traditional retail ways of the fashion industry, they focus on offering a quality product that is produced ethically and offered to the customers at a fair price point. Now that we know a bit about this brand, let's dive in and see what makes this brand so popular and trusted today.


The brand is known for offering unbeatable product quality. From the material selection to the craftsmanship to put garments together, all of the product development processes are performed under thorough control. The products you see in the store today is the result of many experiments and observation to guarantee that the clothes enhance the wearers' true beauty while ensuring the absolute comfort. Their signature tees and denims are made out of "The Finest Cotton You Can Find In The Market," finely span high-quality cotton with a long fiber length that prevents breakage while keeping the breathability and comfort of the natural fiber. The experiments on the latest technology never stop. In the latest jeans collection, they have selected KYPER-STRETCH™ technology, which is the fabrication technology that only Kollar Clothing deploys today so that they can develop denims that are wearable everyday. 

Kollar Denim | Black Jeans | 8LACK


Ethical Approach & Transparency

Kollar Clothing openly talks about how their production is executed and why the price points are set this way, and this is the reason why this brand has been trusted for years since it was established. They spent years establishing relationships with some of the best factories around the world - the ones that produce clothing for your favorite designers. They work closely with them to ensure that the owners and the laborers alike are happy because they believe that employees working in the best condition make amazing products. Each factory is given a compliance audit based on factors such as livable wages, reasonable work hours, and environmental impact. They aim to hit a 90+ audit score for every factory they work with. 

Kollar | All Black Clothing | 8LACK OFFICIAL

Exclusive Selling Channels

Kollar makes sure that every customer is satisfied with a whole shopping experience, from browsing products to customer care after the purchase. To maintain the same quality in every selling channel, there are only a few vendors that are permitted to sell their collections. At 8LACK, we offer unbeatable services to ensure that our customers are 100% happy about a whole experience. We offer free shipping on orders on over 100$ and 7-day easy return policy for online shoppers. In our retail stores, you will get personalized styling and fittings with our trained experts. We offer all of these to make sure that you get what you really need.

8LACK OFFICIAL | All black clothes | Best Shopping Montreal

To summarize, Kollar Clothing always designs the shopping experience by seeing everything from the consumers' standpoint. From the product development to delivery, you will see their effort that is thoroughly thought out. Browse all pieces available at 8LACK and get yours today and enjoy the unbeatable quality.

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Literally the best brand as someone who wears all black clothes everyday 😍😍 it’s so comfy, better than Levi’s personally


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