All Black 90s Inspired Outfits for Men with a Modern Twist

90s men's fashion was all about self-expression with timeless garments that are still seen often on today's streets. It was strongly influenced by musical trends such as grunge rock, pop, hip-hop as well as movie stars. Fashion was not just a form of entertainment for the upper-class anymore. Instead, it became a global phenomenon in the 90s. With the booming trends on social media as you have probably seen on Tiktok and Instagram Reels, the return of 90s fashion is still extremely relevant in 2022. In this article, we invite you to revisit the 90s fashion trends for men and learn how you can recreate these iconic looks with all-black clothing and complimentary accessories at 8LACK.

1. All Black Casual Outfit with Screen-Printed T-shirt and Jeans

All Black Casual Outfit with Screen-Printed T-shirt and Jeans
Screen-printed graphic tees were inspired by a subculture, specifically of the skater boys. In the 90s, bands and skate labels had begun using stylish t-shirts as a way of promotion. Today, the designs of the graphic we see today often mean to be humorous rather than just aesthetically pleasing. In terms of the silhouettes and aesthetic of graphic tees, they still tend to stay true to the classic design although it has been over 30 years ever since they were introduced to the market.

Denim was also remarkable during this period. Denim garments that are made of medium weight fabric such as jeans and denim jackets were a stylish look that guys of all body shapes and sizes were able to enjoy. Today, what was available back then is still seen, such as straight jeans, acid-wash technics, and distressed details, but for those who enjoy interpreting the past trends with a modern twist instead of just recreating what it was, more sleek cuts and accurate tailoring are preferred. The typical dress code required contrasting colors between pieces when wearing denim, such as dark denim pants with a shirt and mid-wash jacket on top. If you ended up at 8LACK, you probably found us because you are obsessed with wearing black. We have an extensive selection for you to experiment with different shades of black.

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2. Black-on-Black Layering with Leather Biker Jacket

Black-on-Black Layering with Leather Biker Jacket
The leather jacket became a huge trend in the fashion industry around this decade, especially due to the heavy influence of the first generation of supermodels. Leather biker jackets originated from the underground rebel scene with a bold and edgy look. They've become a versatile capsule piece for any wardrobe and can be incorporated easily in both vintage punk rock and modern styles. The 90s is a huge turning point for leather biker jackets. They became a mass trend rather than being just a symbol for the rebels. Leather jackets were often used to create laid-back outfits, paired with simple round neck t-shirts and jeans.

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3. Blocked Colors and Reflective Details on Light and Casual Garments Reflective Details on Light and Casual Garments

The casual look of light jackets, such as windbreakers and trucker jackets were also a highlighted trend in the 90s. The trend actually started in the transitional period from the ‘80s into the ‘90s. These sporty jackets were light and casual and often paired with denim or bottoms with a similar texture to the jacket for an iconic aesthetic. Reflective surface and blocked colors are eye-catching on the street and now it is definitely back in trend.

Featured Items:

  • Reflective Light Jacket by XIAN (This item is sold out.)
  • Reflective Joggers by REHAB (This item is sold out.)

4. The Bucket HatBlack Bucket Hats - 90s Menswear

Bucket hats are an interesting one if you want to learn how fashion evolves time after time. They were first worn by Irish farmers and fishermen as protection from rain around 1900. They are still typically made of heavy cotton twill fabric.  During wartime, these hats were quickly adopted internationally thanks to their portability, cleanability, and durability. In the 60s, the bucket hat was introduced as a fashion statement piece instead of just as head protection. Then in the 90s, they are a lot more accessible to the general public, with the influence of hip-hop subculture. You cannot skip bucket hats when you talk about 90s aesthetics. It did not take long for this trend to be mainstream. These hats were often matched with color block light jackets as mentioned earlier in the article to create iconic 90s outfits. At 8LACK, we feature a designer, EnDz that experiments with extensive varieties of details and trims, such as patchworks, pearl drops, and studs.

Features Items:

  • EnDz Pearla I Bucket Hat by EnDz (Currently not available)
  • Abduction of Proserpine on a Unicorn Bucket Hat by Endz (Currently not available)
  • Halo 8: Upcycled Handcrafted Bucket Hat by EnDz (Currently not available)

5. Casual Grunge Outfits with Oversized Flannels Casual Grunge Outfits Oversized Flannels & Distressed Denim

When we talk about the revived 90s trends, we cannot help but mention the grunge style. One of the essentials to achieve a grunge look is definitely a laid-back oversized flannel shirt, often paired with distressed jeans and graphic tees or acid-washed tees. Grunge fashion originates from a subculture of grunge rock. People started using daily casual wear as a base to create the "grungy" look, but with a more rough look with oversized silhouettes, imperfect patterns achieved with acid-washing, or distressed details. Influenced by grunge icons such as Kurt Cobain, this trend was seen everywhere, even on womenswear runway shows and the first generation of supermodels wearing grunge looks. 8LACK suggests a neo-grunge look with more structured garment structure and tailoring to add a little sophistication while keeping the classic look of 90s grunge style. 

Featured Items:

  • Flannel Overcoat by KOLLAR (Currently not available)
  • 203 Rockstars - Destroyed Deep Black Denim by KOLLAR (Currently not available)


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