Holiday Gift Ideas 2020

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The holiday season is around the corner again. Picking a Christmas gift is always the hardest decision to make. You don't want to randomly give something that you don't know if she/ he would like. It is even more difficult if you are invited to a gift exchange event. In today's blog post, we would like to introduce 3 unique holiday gift ideas that work for both him and her.

1. Face Masks

Needless to say, we are living in a very challenging period of time this year. Wherever we go, it is mandated to wear one to protect yourself and others. Because it's something all of us use daily, how about picking the one that says about the gift receiver? We have a curated large selection of face masks from different Montreal-based couturiers. Choose from embroidered, neoprene, plain, sequined, laced and more. Click on the image below to visit the collection page.

Black Face Masks  

2. Unisex Loungewear 

We are spending a lot more time at home or doing some exercise outdoor. You want to be comfortable at all times but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy fashion. We have unisex loungewear with unique designs, curated from many designers including our 8LACK's house brand. As you might have already seen on social media, oversized baggy loungewear is definitely trending among many celebrities and influencers this season. Click the image below to browse and get one for your family and friends.

Unisex Loungewear

 3. Accessories

Don't think that you can only find basic necklaces or earrings at 8LACK. We have quite many options in unique styles that work both for him and her. Choose from eyewear, convertible bags, gold plated hardware accessories, headwear and more. Many pieces are available exclusively at 8LACK. Shop early before you miss the chance to buy some unique gifts to celebrate this special moment of the year. Click on the image below to visit the collection page.

Accessories for Gift

Still not sure what to choose for the holiday gift? If you are sure he/ she likes wearing black, we have an option for you to give our 8LACK OFFICIAL Gift Card that you can choose from different price point!

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