Don't Sweat it. Just Kick It!

I've always appreciated a good lounge look. It's simple. It's comfortable. What's not to love about casualwear especially when work is all about dressing professionally 24/7?

This is my revenge against my job's dress code, and it feels damn good to kick it in 8LACK OFFICIAL's new comfy ensemble. 

The look consists of 8LACK OFFICIAL's Jersey Crop Pullover and its matching Minta Joggers.

The pieces are oversized and super flattering, as the Minta Joggers are high waisted and cropped at the ankles. Also, the pullover's reversed seam details make the piece that much more interesting, all by keeping it simple. 

The fabric is incredibly soft and stretchy, making it perfect to lounge around for hours at home or to go on long walks. And if it gets too hot, well, just pair the joggers with a casual tank top and go on with your life. 

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