Defend Paris: All You Need is Amour

With everything going on in the world today, all we need is love. What better way to spread love than to wear a sweatshirt with “Amour” printed on it with big white letters on a black background? The Defend Paris sweatshirt I wore on my routine coffee stop at Tommy Café embodies in a bold way this very idea.

Other than its clean cuts and celebrity appeal, Defend Paris is all about passion for human rights, fashion, and freedom. The French brand embraces the feelings of rage and anger toward worldly injustices through its provocative logos and has for a mission to give voice to the ideals of our youth.

“Defend Paris inspires different things in different people,” the brand’s designer, Jeremy Douay, said in 2015. “We are very passionate about the brand, and maybe that is the underlying emotion that drives everything about DP–Passion. Our audience is anyone that shares our passion, anger and joy, the people who live in the streets with us and struggle with the same indignities of our life. 

The brand’s 100% cotton clothing is perfect for leisurewear. The one I sported is long enough to wear with leggings and comfortable enough to lounge around, to run errands and even to work out in. With every item you purchase, you choose to stand up for Coexistence, Human Rights and Children’s Rights. Shop Defend Paris on 8LACK OFFICIAL

What will you be defending by wearing the brand?

Sweatshirt: Defend Paris

BloggerSolange Statsevich

Photographer: Dino Rovolis


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